An Air Force veteran reviews Beyond the Call

Two new reviews of Beyond the Call just in. For the upcoming April issue of the UK’s Military History Monthly, “The inspiring tale of a hitherto unknown true hero – a story worthy of a Hollywood movie.” (Watch this space – that could be happening.)

And on Task & Purpose, a US website devoted to military veterans’ affairs, former US Air Force officer Jason Nulton gives us an enthusiastic and touching write-up.

It isn’t often you come across a story that hits you in the head with a two by four. But this one does just that through this riveting story about one veteran’s heroic cloak-and-dagger activities behind Russian lines during the twilight of the Second World War.

. . . "Beyond the Call" is a true and vivid portrayal of war illustrating that what veterans endure after coming home isn’t much different today than it was in World War II. On a finer scale, it sheds light on a little-known chapter of the world’s greatest calamity in modern times, and begins to apply vibrant color to the roots of the Cold War and the problems returning veterans face. Robert Trimble’s story, however, isn’t just a story about war and geopolitics. It’s personal, and it reminds us freedom has come at a monumentally high cost that our grandparents’ generation paid for in blood.

It means a lot to get such a review from a military veteran who is the son and nephew of World War II veterans.

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